About Us


We have been operating in The Woodlands for 6 years and have changed and impacted many lives. We truly feel that Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and our comprehensive martial arts training programs are the best in the business.

We strive to provide training in a safe and clean environment that promotes a lifestyle of balance, friendship and commitment to personal growth through martial arts.

Our programs have a structure and a purpose to supply you with the foundation and a plan for you to reach your personal goals, obtain a black belt or reach the level of a professional fighter.

While we do have members that focus on competition in BJJ and MMA the majority of our students train for all the great benefits that our programs create such as fitness, weight loss, self defense, new friends and belonging to a respected martial arts team.

Why Choose Us?

Safe, Friendly and No Ego’s

Our students have jobs, school and families and can’t afford to be injured. Our mission is to make sure everyone can learn and train while protecting themselves and their training partners. Safety is our number one priority!

Great Customer Service

Our goal is to go above and beyond what you would expect from us. We are always looking for new ways to please our students and really respect your feedback.

Extensive Schedule

We are open 6 days a week and offer over 50 classes in BJJ, Muay Thai, Kids, Cardio Kickboxing and MMA. In addition to our large schedule feel free to train anytime our doors are open.

We are a TEAM

We are highly respected in the Houston area for our coaches, training style and our successful MMA and BJJ competition teams.