The Fascinating World of BJJ

Martial arts have been part of our culture. In almost every country, a particular form of martial art has been practiced and passed on from generation to generation. In China you have the karate, in Japan, there’s the aikido, jiujitsu, judo and many others. In Thailand, there’s Muay Thai. You can see it everywhere. It is very popular on television shows, movies, on the internet, on the arenas, and in many other places. Various tournaments are held each year to showcase these unique fighting arts that entertain us. You probably have heard or seen UFC or MMA on tv. UFC stands for ultimate fighting champion while MMA stands for mixed martial arts. With the popularity of these sports, many other fighting styles have emerged and are being practiced for by martial arts enthusiasts. One of which is Brazilian JiuJitsu or BJJ. If you are interested, you can easily learn at BJJ The Woodlands, BJJ Conroe and BJJ Spring.

Brazilian JiuJitsuis a variation of the original jiujitsu that originated in Japan. It is full of technique and skills that you will be interested in. If you are a person that does not have a very big stature or body frame, this is the perfect martial arts for you. It will teach you how to bring down large opponents with certain locks and grips that will surely surprise your sparring partner. Another technique to BJJ is getting close to the opponent as much as possible, put him to the ground and maneuver arm locks. These are just some of the things that you will train for at BJJ The Woodlands, BJJ Conroe and BJJ Spring.

Learning Brazilian JiuJitsu can benefit you in so many ways. Aside from it being a recreational activity, it can be a life saver. Who knows when a stranger suddenly attacks you or tried to rob you? When this happens, you will surely be prepared and be able to put up a good fight with your jiujitsu moves. Many other martial arts usually have techniques but they usually have these “one big hit” moves that are not very handy when your opponent or assailant is fast enough or too large. With Brazilian jiujitsu, there are many moves that can counter unexpected situations or attacks. So no matter how fast or enormous the attack is, you can easily pull out a powerful counterattack.

If you are interested in learning BJJ, you should look out for good classes and trainers. Start at BJJ The Woodlands, BJJ Conroe and BJJ Spring. It is a very good way to spend your weekends and even weekdays if you have the time. Whether you are a 30 year old professional or a 14 year old teenager, Brazilian jiujitsu is for everyone regardless of age and gender. It is easy to learn, it is powerful, it is entertaining, it is practical, it is applicable, it is motivating, and it will surely help you in a lot of ways. It is surely worth it.