The Roots of Gracie Barra JiuJitsu

Have you ever heard about Gracie JiuJitsu? If not, let me educate you on this wonderful topic. The Gracie family had made a big influence in the jiujitsu world and they had surely made a name for it. In 1993, a member of the Gracie family, particularly Royce, won the very first UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship tournament. But this was not the start of it. Ever since the late 1920’s, the Gracie family have used and developed Brazilian jiujitsu in building their BJJ academies all over the world. They have dedicated their lives in making this martial arts style, better than ever. With their dedication and perseverance, the Gracie Barra JiuJitsuThe Woodlands, Gracie Barra JiuJitsu Conroe and Gracie Barra JiuJitsu Spring has been a phenomenon that a lot know of people know about.

In the early 20th century, Gracie transferred from Brazil to Scotland, and that is where he met Maeda, which is a renowned Japanese Judo master. That’s when he and his brothers have learned the art and opened up schools dedicated to JiuJitsu training. It is said that one of his brothers, Helio, made a significant impact on the techniques of Brazilian JiuJitsu. Helio being small in stature, he found out that pinning a bigger opponent to the ground makes a significant amount of leverage and advantage if you are small. In this manner, your opponent, no matter how huge he is, can be neutralized and will have diminished power, attack and reach. This has become one of the unique characteristics of this type of jiujitsu that you can study at Gracie Barra JiuJitsuThe Woodlands, Gracie Barra JiuJitsu Conroe and Gracie Barra JiuJitsu Spring.

Another difference of the BJJ to the Japanese jiujitsuis the rules and versatility. Indeed, BJJ is more versatile when it comes to the moves and it is more adapted to being in real fighting situations. The rules are not as pronounced so you can fight without much hesitation. Regardless of one’s size and stature, BJJ is very handy and anyone can train for this martial arts style with ease. Royce Gracie is the smallest one in the 1993 UFC tournament yet he became the champion. This is a perfect example that BJJ can take you to heights you never imagined. Moreover, this is now being used and adapted even by the US Army’s Special Forces. This has been part of their training and this only proves that it is really that effective.

Ground fighting is the most profound technique in BJJ and training includes the various types of chokes, locks, holds, grips, and strikes that could easily put your opponent to the ground. Thus, a bigger enemy does not guarantee that he can destroy you in the arena.

Gracie Barra JiuJitsuThe Woodlands, Gracie Barra JiuJitsu Conroe and Gracie Barra JiuJitsu Spring had been teaching a lot of students today. Children, women, young and old, train for this type of martial art because it is very efficient and it is a good sport. So what are you waiting for? Start your year with JiuJitsu classes in your locale.