Wrestling and Competition Classes!

Tuesdays we will have a KIDS COMPETITION CLASS from 6-7pm with Professor Gotay, and Thursdays we will have a KIDS WRESTLING CLASS from 6-7pm with Coach Ricky. Starting May 15th we will be running a FREE trial period until the end of the month. 

While these classes are designed to improve competitive BJJ, kids who don’t wish to compete may still benefit greatly from these classes.  The wrestling classes will allow them the chance to work on a whole new skill set, while the competition BJJ classes will allow them to train in a more focused manner, at a different type of pace.

For our current competitive kids, these classes will help tremendously with preparing for tournaments and ensuring that they are able to perform to the best of their ability whenever they step on the competition mats. Be sure to give your kids a competitive edge by taking advantage of these classes and watch their game sky rocket to the next level!